English phrasal verbs in use – Intermediate + Advanced – PDF

Download FREE English Phrasal verbs in Use Intermediate + Advanced PDF. English Phrasal verbs in Use Intermediate + Advanced direct download!

These 2 books of Intermediate level is for students whose level is at band 3.5 IELTS.

➨ The book supply you with 1000 basic verbs and phrasal verbs along with their prefixes and suffixes

➨ It provides clear analysis of correct and wrong verbs and particles order in a sentence.

➨ It has detailed instructions on the use of verbs and particles for better unit learning

➨ Along with learning about word phrased and word formation, you are also given information on the effective way to study English

➨ Including grammar and sentence structures to help you apply to your own sentences

➨ It has clear illustration for better visualisation of the words and phrases

➨ Including exercises about words and phrased for better remembering

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