Let’s Talk 1 2 3 - (Second Edition) - PDF & Audio CD

This share is Let’s Talk 1 2 3 (Second Edition) PDF & Audio CD – Free download – Torrent available. The course consists of both speaking and listening sections divided into three levels, which help you to learn from basic to advanced.

English teacher asked me to find the textbook Let’s Talk because all the searches on the Internet is missing the audio cd. Upon learning that I found out that Let’s Talk is a great book compiled by Leo Jones by Cambridge University. Let’s Talk Second Edition is a completely modified version of Let’s Talk.

Download Let’s Talk file PDF & Audio CD

Let’s Talk 1 (PDF + Audio): Lets_Talk_1_1688.rar

  • Teacher’s Book Manual: let_s_talk_1_2nd_edition_teacher_s_manual.pdf (38 MB)
  • Audio Transcript: Lets_Talk 1_Audio_Transcript.pdf (5 MB)

Let’s Talk 2 (PDF + Audio): Lets_Talk_2_1689.rar

  • Teacher’s Book Talking Activitie: lets_talk_2_second_edition_teacher_s_book_talking_activitie.pdf (10 MB)
  • Activities Book: Let-s-Talk-2-Activities.pdf (8 MB)
  • Tape Script: Let-Talk-2-Tape-Script.pdf (16 MB)

Let’s Talk 3 (PDF + Audio + Teacher’s Manual Book): Lets_Talk_3_1690.rar

  • Teacher’s Book Manual: lets_talk_3_teacher_s_book.pdf (90 Mb)
Let’s Talk 1 2 3 torret download
Let’s Talk 1 2 3 Files – Free download
Size: Total - 751 MB

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