A Book for IELTS – 2nd Edition – PDF + 2 CD

Download FREE A Book for IELTS 2nd Edition (PDF + 2 CD). A Book for IELTS direct download!

The book named “A book for IELTS” is a collection of sharing, tips, introduction as well as actual practice exercises for learners to revise:

  • Detailed introduction each section along with noteworthy recommendation such as time for each part. These are useful tips and notes to help you to do the tests following the requirements of examiners.
  • Regard to practice exercises, the author provides every type of exercises for learners to practice.
  • Some tips enclosed with each type of exercises so you can apply them for your test.
  • There are answers and tapescripts at the end of this book to help you check your own answers and test your capacity.
Size: 105.93 MB
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